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How an Auto-Dialer Can Save You Money and Boost Your Sales

How an Auto-Dialer Can Save You Money and Boost Your Sales

So you’ve just established a contact center and you’re looking to put it to good use for the business. Marketing properly is one of the cornerstones to successfully growing your business, and if you are looking for efficient ways to reach out to your customers, auto-dialers can be an indispensable tool to doing so. But what exactly is an auto-dialer?

An auto-dialer is a system that automatically dials numbers from a list of phone numbers, based on a predefined set of algorithms. Its purpose is to make calls based on the availability of your agents--matching calls made to agents who are able to take the calls. This maximizes the amount of time your people can talk to customers and close sales.

1. More Efficient Use of an Agent’s Time

Auto-dialers are not new, and have been around in the banking industry for decades. However today’s modern auto-dialers have better features and more advanced algorithms to maximize your output.

Back in the olden days, sales teams that did manual dialing had a very low average talk time of 10 to 15 minutes per hour. That’s less than 25% of an agent’s time spent doing something productive. A study by Hostcomm has shown that modern auto-dialers can increase talk time by 200% to 300%, giving you more calls and less down time. That of course translates to more sales.

2. Contextual Information

Today’s dialers also leverage computer technology to personalize the call, giving agents the information they need related to the call. Agents can get a heads-up display on their screens providing information on the customer and related products, equipping them with the information they need to make the sale. A study from CSO Insights shows that 42% of sales reps don’t have the data they need when making calls, and an auto-dialer can fix that in real time with accurate contextual information.

3. Higher Connection Rates

Modern algorithms also allow auto-dialers to predict the perfect time to make a call. Customers tend to be busy and might not always be able to answer the phone. A predictive dialer can analyze the bigger picture of customer data and pinpoint the best time to make a call, reducing rejection rates and even queue this up to the handling time of an agent, so an agent finishes a call and then receives the new call the moment it is answered.

4. Easy Monitoring and Coaching

Managers love having information on their agents and a way to pull the agent’s performance quickly. The dialer logs all the data of the agent’s calls automatically, and makes it easy for managers to pull the data and even the individual calls for review. Making the agent manager relationship easier is worth all the time in the world, as it increases employee engagement. Well-coached, high-performing agents are happy agents, and the business will reap the rewards with better employee retention.


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