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Voice Analysis

Contaqt's Voice Analysis analyzes the tone and sentiment of the customer’s and agent’s voice, enabling you to identify and handle unprofessionally treated calls in real time. Apply it to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, operational efficiency and agent performance.

Virtual hold queue

Virtual Hold Queue enables customers to reserve their place in line, and receive a call when their turn arrives or at a time most convenient for them. Eliminating the waiting experience monetizes your organizational as innovative and customer centric.

Social Media Integration

Integrate your social media tools into your contact center to provide customers with a multichannel service experience. Attending to queries on your social media channels quickly not only improves service levels, but ensures you protect your reputation and avoid PR crises.

Conditional routing

This advanced feature intelligently routes incoming calls according to the call center's current performance, caller's location and customer information sourced from the CRM. Provide customers with a personal and accurate experience, while reducing overall interaction time.

in-browser softphone

Empower your agents by enabling them to manage the call center directly from their browser. Utilizing In Browser Softphone, they can handle calls more quickly and gain access to caller data, while enabling you to monitor their work in real time.

Table of Features


First-Class Customer Service

Gain comprehensive inbound and outbound interaction reporting capabilities that provide valuable insights into your support KPIs, customer demands, and current work volume.

Powerful Configuration Manager

Easily perform changes online to meet your goals and respond to changes utilizing the highly simple interface and smart features.

Real-Time Monitoring

Track performance from anywhere, and provide agents and supervisors with real-time KPI status, resulting in maximum responsiveness and improved motivation.

Executive Dashboards and Reports

Leverage real-time KPI visualization to monitor and optimize business performance, gain relevant insights, promptly resolve issues such as idle time, and promote overall efficiency.

CTI Screen Pops

Provides agents with relevant customer data as soon as they call in, driving service interaction effectiveness, cutting processing time and providing customers with a personalized experience.

Agent Desktop

This award winning desktop is a powerful tool that delivers agents and supervisors a single sign-on experience and guides them through the service resolution process, thereby increasing FCR, decreasing handling time and reducing costs.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Easily create post call surveys and keep pace with customer expectations. Obtaining direct feedback enables you to measure KPIs and FCR, gain valuable insights and improve service on the go.

Drag-and-Drop Interface

Easily manage call routing and IVR according to KPIs and real-time data, providing callers with a totally customized and seamless experience.

Advanced Voice Interaction

Elevate service levels and reduce costs by empowering callers with self-help, fast and accurate routing, and value based prioritization.

Real-Time Collaboration

Empower your team and solve customer queries in no time by enabling agents to collaborate with peers and supervisors in real time, by sharing files and insights and getting valuable relevant inputs.

Multi-Channel Virtual Queuing

A unified communication channel empowering agents to deliver a consistent, seamless and personalized customer engagement across all platforms, including voice, email, text, chat, mobile or social media.

Last Agent Routing

Improve sales closing rates and provide customers with continuous and knowledgeable support by routing them to the agent who previously provided them that support.

Data-Driven Routing

Data-Driven Routing infuses your call center with business logic, enabling you to perform personalized customer routing, based on data derived from Contaqt's systems or other data sources.

Repeat Caller Tracking

Avoid call center frustration and improve customer retention by moving repeat callers to the front of the queue and connecting them with the agent with who they previously spoke, to ensure continuity of call history.

Real-Time Active Blending

Drive satisfaction and efficiency by automatically moving outbound agents to inbound queues during peaks, and inbound agents to outbound calls during slow times.

Call Volume Management

Keep customers happy and agents busy by automatically offering callers a callback option during call volume peaks, referring them to agents during less busy periods.

Queue Callback Routing

Enhance customer experience and reduce call abandonment by giving callers the option to receive a callback, without waiting on hold or losing their place in the queue.

Skills-Based Routing

Automatically route callers according to predefined rules to the agent, team or department with the most relevant skills, and enhance first call resolution and customer satisfaction.


Agent Occupancy Rate

Optimize contact center resources, reduce idle time and cut down costs by tracking, monitoring and analyzing agent activity in real time. Gain valuable and actionable insights about the current challenges and trends your team and customers are facing to improve sales and satisfaction rates, and enhance monetization.

Call-back and Appointment Setting

Boost contact rate by providing agents with advanced appointment and callback scheduling capabilities, based on personal customer data and preferences.

Real-time Performance Reporting

Delivering advanced reporting capabilities and a smart administration dashboard, Real-time Performance Reporting empowers you to track, monitor and optimize KPIs in real time, wherever you are.

List & Campaign Management

Promote agent efficiency and generate quality leads utilizing List & Campaign Management's advanced automated dialing and data analytics capabilities.

Seamless CRM Integrations

Our solutions seamlessly integrate with your existing systems and workflows, enhancing sales and support capabilities, saving time and resources, and reducing learning curves.

Screen Pops

Customize experience and boost sales rates by providing agents with the exact data they require in real time during customer interaction.

Single Agent Desktop

Delivering simple user experience, advanced features and single interface management, it's no wonder this desktop gained massive popularity among agents and supervisors, as well as winning several awards.

Automated Broadcasting

Deliver personalized voice and text messages within seconds to thousands of customers, enabling them to quickly respond to or speak with an agent. To keep track of campaign results, simply add surveys.

Collaborative Dashboard

Empower agents to provide faster and more accurate customer service by enabling them to easily communicate with supervisors and experts via instant messaging and built in chat functionality.

PCI-DSS Compliance

We provide our customers with highest security level payment solutions, including encryption and tokenization; in order to enhance financial data and transaction security and avoid scams.

Time Zone Management

Easily manage time differences with Time Zone Management. Simply set call time frames to automatically screen all outbound calls according to time zones and defer unmade calls to the following day.

“Do Not Call” List Protection

“Do Not Call” List Protection

Answering Machine Screening

Enhance efficiency and service. Upon reaching answering machines, this smart feature automatically erases the task from agent queues and leaves custom messages. It then routes inbound calls to the relevant agent.

Dialing Speed at your Fingertips

Directly connected to telecom operators and featuring an advanced predictive dialer algorithm, we provide you with productivity-boosting multiple dialing modes at the fastest call delivery rate in the industry.

Zero Hassle, Maximum Performance

Monitor your team in real time according to predefined KPIs and receive real time insights, enabling continual improvement of your workflow and processes.

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