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No Need for a Live Agent
No Need for a Live Agent

Self-service IVR is a self-service interactive voice response system that enables contact centers to increase efficiency and provide customers with services that do not require a live agent. With self-service IVR, your contact center can reduce costs and call volume while increasing agent availability. 


Self-service IVR is available 24/7 for callers which benefits the company public image and enables callers to access services at any time. With a self-service IVR system, callers can receive most of the services without speaking to a live representative. On top of that, callers do not have to wait for an agent to answer their simple and easy to handle requests. Self-service IVR automatically begins when a customer calls.

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Focus on Customer Experience

Integrating self-service IVR with your CRM can instantly provide the customer with the data they need, whether it is the balance of their account or the status of their orders.


Automatic outbound calls supplied with self-service IVR can remind your customers about upcoming appointments and send confirmations to them.


Unlike human agents who can make mistakes while gathering and processing the data or sending out the wrong information, an automated system accessed by self-service IVR makes no mistakes.

Improve the customer experience by enabling your customers to receive services 24/7 with self-service IVR.

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