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How to Run a 24/7 Call Center with Agents on Different Continents




How to Run a 24/7 Call Center with Agents on Different Continents


Running an efficient contact center requires connection between everyone. How do you do that if your employees are distributed all across the globe? First and foremost, move to the cloud.



When it comes to maintaining a global company, ability to connect multiple employees distributed around the world is crucial. The first step to connecting everyone is moving to the cloud. With the cloud, you can store data that any of your employees around the globe can access. Thankfully, Contaqt has created a system that enables your call center to create unified communication. 


Supervisors may split agents into groups according to their country, language, or even working hours zones, allowing the call center to cover the global world 24/7. All settings of monitoring dashboards and agent tasks can be configured by administrators all around the world. Keep reading to discover what a cloud phone system is, along with other features that are worth noting for smooth 24/7 operations revolving your distributed agents. 


Cloud Phone System


A cloud phone system is unified communications as a service (UCaaS) and connects a call center to the entire organization that can combine distributed offices and locations of a company into a single phone system. This system is the most important feature to have in your call center. 


The cloud phone system is easy to use and increases control over employee management, thus boosting your customer service. Your agents can be monitored from anywhere in the world and have the ability to enter all data where it is visible to you, no matter where you are. 


Monitor from Anywhere, Anytime


With live dashboards that all supervisors and managers can access, regardless of location, the call center can be easily analyzed through insights with calculated KPIs. Any supervisor in your call center can view service levels and external information derived from external sources such as number of deals made or number of support tickets handled in the last hour. 


On top of that, supervisors can analyze workload reports of their distributed offices, enabling them to view the amount of work agents have in different countries, as well as make decisions on the disbursement of resources for each office regarding customer support and sales. 

24/7 Non Live Agent Availability


Depending on the size of your call center, you may not have the employee number to keep your call center running 24/7. Some employees may cover a few continents but not others. To solve this problem, you can utilize self-service IVR. Self-service IVR will come in handy when your customers are calling 24/7 with requests regarding their account balance, transaction history, appointments, and updates. 


Let customers serve themselves during moments when your agents cannot answer them. With self-service IVR, your call center can operate with agents on different continents because it does not require them to be present when a customer calls. Instead, self-service IVR can automatically answer to simple requests and lessen the workload for your agents when they start their work days. 


Call Back, Regardless of Location


In the case that self-service IVR does not answer a customer’s question or concern, a callback option can be offered to the customer. When your agents return to work, regardless of where they are located, they can dial the customer back and provide an answer to a request. This is extremely beneficial if you intend on keeping your call center running at all times, as it gives the customer the assumption that an agent is working on getting back to them as soon as one becomes available. 


When the time comes to call a customer back, a supervisor can choose which agent is most equipped to handle the issue. Once an agent is selected, he can call the customer back from whichever country he is located in, providing global customer service. 




The biggest priority of all global companies is to maintain and improve efficiency as well as unified communication. When all of your employees are connected in one place, it is easier to control and manage your call center. On top of that, agents can be chosen to complete certain tasks, regardless of their location. To run your call center 24/7, it is important to strategically select which agents will have certain work hours zones to have someone on the line at all times. However, it is also crucial to invest time into automated features to help make operating your call center 24/7 that much easier. 

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