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4 Contaqt Features Every Travel Company Needs

In the travel industry, businesses need to be on-point all the time to provide a superior customer experience. Travel can be the ultimate vacation getaway, but there’s a lot of work that needs to be done behind the scenes in order to make everything seamless. Customers today are even more savvy about travel and demand the best service. They will always need to get in touch with your call center to make sure everything is in order. Fortunately, technology has caught up to give them the kind of experience they expect and deserve.

Contaqt provides software solutions which can elevate any travel company’s services to the next level. Whether integrating your travel website with your services or improving your cloud contact center productivity, these contact center solutions have four powerful features which will undoubtedly make the journey a more pleasant, happier one for your customers.


When traveling, customers can often overlook important things that can cause delays or problems during their trip. Our Robocall feature works with each customer profile to send them automated reminders. Automated reminders include essential things like reminding customers to send passport and travel documentation to the company for booking, sending customers details for their flight, and informing customers of any delays in the itinerary. Contaqt’s Robocaller does everything like a first class concierge.


Sometimes, the phones are busy and customers have to wait on hold before getting in touch with one of your company’s representatives. Instead of wasting your customer’s valuable time on hold, Contaqt provides a callback option for customers, so they can receive a call from your agents once the queue lightens up and agents are available. This frees them up to finish their other preparations for their trip.

In the travel industry, callback is important because it helps smoothen out the experience for what is normally a stressful trip. Weary travellers who need to book a hotel after a long flight may be met with a queue when calling their travel agency. Callback features allow an informed agent to pull up the customer’s details automatically and have them ready when they return the customer’s call.

Conditional Routing

Keeping call center operations smooth and efficient relies a lot on efficiently connecting callers to the appropriate agents, with minimal fuss. That’s where conditional routing comes in. Our software is intelligent enough to determine who the caller is and then send them to the correct department to handle their concerns.

  • Business clients can be routed to agents trained for B2B transactions.

  • Regular consumers can be identified as B2C. Business and economy class travellers can also be segmented into different queues for more appropriate customer service tailored to each.

  • Language can also be accurately determined so you can route them to Spanish, Chinese or other language-speaking agents as needed.

  • Region can also be identified, letting you know which region the caller is interested in, or providing them with country or city-specific assistance depending on where they are travelling.

CRM Integration

Providing an excellent customer experience means working customer support into every facet of your interactions with your customers. The backbone of all the other features lies in the Full Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Integration on all levels. Contaqt’s CRM integration gives you a single customer view: everything about each customer from all aspects of their interactions with you. This makes it easy for representatives to have all pertinent travel information on hand for each customer at a glance.

All the data on your customers from all channels can be integrated into one unified view, making it easier for your leaders and agents to take care of your customers needs. These include:

  • Capturing all a customer’s contact information

  • Organizing all travel history from travel databases like Toogo

  • Recording all purchase data from a POS system

  • Pulling social media data from different social media platforms like Facebook

Regardless of the level of service you are currently providing, having a comprehensive business suite with all these features can really improve your call center’s productivity and your operations, resulting in a better customer experience. Are you ready to bring your travel company to the next level?


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