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Utilize our API tools to improve your business

Whether you are using ERP or CRM information systems, our API tools aid you in creating flawless communication. CONTAQT ensures to meet all of your contact center technology needs. 


Click to Call allows you to perform outbound calls by launching an API URL request with a click of a button. It benefits your agents by enabling them to reach more leads, simplify the calling process, and increase their call time and efficiency.


You can create a new phone list or manage an existing one via API request.

Phone lists can be used for a variety of purposes, such as leads for a dialer, Do Not Call list, and special numbers.


The Phone list leads are the individual leads in each phone list. A lead with the same phone number can appear only once in a phone list.

You can create users, update users, login/logout users and control all of your user information via API. This allows for customer data access.

To make calls and/or receive calls from queue, assign device to agent. You can also unassign device from agent using CheckOut, as well as set/unset pause for agents and add/remove agents from queues.

To enable Events, you need to set Event Push Notifications URL in account configuration in the UI. Queue and call events upon enabling.

Incoming / Outgoing

Queues allow you to route incoming calls to a specific group of agents. Queue agents based on a strategy of your choice (Longest Idle Agent, Round Robin, Top Down and more). If an agent is already on a call, the next agent on the list is rung.

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