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Conditional Routing

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Personalized Routing
Personalized Routing

Data-driven routing infuses your call center with business logic enabling you to perform personalized customer routing, based on data derived from your call center systems or other data sources, such as CRM or ticketing software.


Whether it is playing an individualized announcement or routing a phone call to a completely different IVR, conditional routing is designed to give a unique routing to each call in real time.


When a customer calls in, Contaqt can take multiple actions to ensure that the customer account exists before proceeding with support or we can check the account balance. If account balance is overdue, we can give notice of the overdue balance and transfer the customer to the accounts department to handle his account before sending him back to the support queue. 

Priority to Customers
Priority to Customers

Contaqt can also check the status of call queues, such as the number of calls waiting and the longest waiting call, and offer alternative routing to boost customer satisfaction during busy times; hence, eliminating the number of waiting calls in queues.


Conditional routing also enables your contact center to give priority to certain customers depending on information retrieved from the customer’s CRM system. This data-driven routing enables your call center to recognize VIP customers and give them priority in wait time.


Conditional routing can select personalized music on hold, offer supplemental services based on current services, change the default language, send agent notifications about upcoming call prior to bridging a call, and alter destinations of calls based on time of day or even day of the week.

There are almost no limits to what conditional routing can do for your business.

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