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Waiting Calls

Calling queue is a key element in providing customer satisfaction. Contaqt’s advanced call queuing capabilities enable you to place callers in a queue while the system searches for available live agents to handle specific calls.


The strategy of the calling queue can be based on a first come first served basis (FIFO) or a prioritization given to a specific caller before joining the queue. On the other hand, distributing the calls among agents can be skill-based or strategy-based, such as agents with least talk time, agents with fewest calls, etc. 


Call center’s top priority will always be to deliver the longest waiting call to the longest idle agent to ensure happy customers as well as a fair number of calls delivered to each agent. Depending on the skill set of the agent, some agents will receive a higher number of support calls over sales calls and vice versa.

Contact Center Effiency

To ensure an efficient utilization of employees, tiering helps distribute calls to agents based on skill level as well as availability of agents. On top of this, customers can be routed to speak to an agent with who they previously spoke to guarantee agent stickiness and customer retention. To further satisfy customers, the resume position feature enables your call center to determine how long callers waited in the queue before hanging up- possibly placing them first in the queue when they call back.


The service level (SLA) threshold is essential in measuring performance of the call queue. Call centers can configure different SLA goals to different queues based on their priority. It can help analyze current and historical data to determine how many agents are needed to maintain organizational KPIs and service goals.

Prioritizing the calling queue and intelligent call distribution among agents is a key factor for an efficient call center.

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