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We are an innovative group of people striving to provide brilliant software 

for any contact center

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Our Journey
Our Journey

We began our journey as a call centers telecom provider back in 2004. It took us several years to realize that what our customers needed most was a comprehensive call center solution. We developed this cloud-based solution from scratch to allow our customers to operate all aspects of a modern call center in one place.


In 2015, we proudly launched CONTAQT as an innovative, omni-channel contact center platform that enables customers to tune into every possible channel, such as voice, chat, email and social media. Ever since, we listen to our customers’ feedback as we constantly innovate new features that have evolved us into what we are today - pioneering, flexible, and secure.


Our platform assists companies of any scale to maintain excellent customer service and sales. We provide exceptional communication tools to distributed businesses of any industry, whether it be fintech, travel, insurance, or healthcare organizations.

Our Dedication
Our Dedication

We ensure our customers’ satisfaction through a powerful platform, an easy onboarding and a 24/7 dedicated support team. On the other hand, our customers can achieve their customers’ satisfaction through real-time performance reporting, historical BI reporting, and intelligent call routing - all within our platform.


We are interconnected with some of the largest telecom companies to guarantee our customers the most superior call quality and broadest selection of telephone numbers anywhere in the U.S. and in 89 countries worldwide. Whether you are seeking a toll-free or local number, we can easily get one for you.


You train your agents. We give you the tools. Let technology give you the competitive edge.

Easy Onboarding for Your Convenience
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