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Our Dedication to Security

With Contaqt, you will never have to worry about whether your information is safe and secure

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To ensure customer satisfaction, CONTAQT has made security a priority for its users. Security is an important and serious component of our platform. We have done everything to protect our customers from attacks on privacy and continue to improve our features so that they can safeguard your information from undesired hacking systems.


We make certain to follow regulation compliance regarding safety of information within your organization, as well as data outside the operation.


In order to continue providing maximum protection, our teams work long hours to guarantee your sensitive information is always processed and stored securely in our platform.


Your organization’s call details, such as phone numbers, conversations, and identifications are sensitive material that are not stored in any third party systems. All of your information is shielded inside CONTAQT.


Our features are constantly updating to ensure safety for our customers. We conduct employee background checks and train our agents to recognize suspicious system behaviors.


CONTAQT is 100% secure and reliable.

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