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Real Time Performance
Real Time Performance

Optimize business performance with live dashboards that give you insights into real time operations. The live dashboards can be accessed with a browser, smart TV, or mobile device.


This customizable feature enables you to configure what information you want displayed on the live dashboards, including calculated KPIs such as service levels and external information derived from external sources such as number of sales made or number of support tickets handled in the last hour. 


This gives you full flexibility to choose what information is displayed on each dashboard. You can create an unlimited number of dashboards separated by user groups, offices, or queues. You can also configure campaign specific dashboards to show only information related to a specific campaign or customer. Statistics are reset every day at midnight by default. In a shift work environment, you can add more reset times so that the information can be reset for a new shift.

Analytics for Everything
Analytics for Everything

The live dashboards allow you to track agent performance as you analyze real time and historical statistics and highlights such as average call duration, answer rate, number of active and waiting calls, duration of longest waiting call, and number of effective calls. Effective calls can be defined on a queue level threshold, such as requiring 2-3 minutes versus 30 seconds of a sales call to be considered effective. Your thresholds can be configured to be displayed in either red, yellow, or white depending on the KPIs and goals set by the organization. 


Supervisors can monitor and resolve issues in real time while management can gather insights on the performance and service levels of their remote or overseas call center operation.

Prioritizing the calling queue and intelligent call distribution among agents is a key factor for an efficient call center.

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