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Eliminate Queue Experience
Eliminate Queue Experience

Virtual Hold Queue is a feature within the Calling Queue that enables your call center to completely eliminate the queue experience for customers. It gives customers the option to receive a callback, without waiting on hold or losing their place in the queue.


When a caller makes a call to the contact center, he may receive information regarding the approximate wait time as well as his position in queue. Depending on his position in the queue, he may receive an option to hang up and receive a callback when it’s his turn in the queue. The Virtual Hold Queue reduces customer frustration by keeping the customer waiting without having to be on the line, thus improving customer satisfaction.

Reduce Abandonment
Reduce Abandonment

Companies are constantly looking for ways to improve customer experience, helping make customer and employee lives easier. Through the utilization of the Virtual Hold Queue, companies can experience a reduction in the rate of abandoned calls due to improved customer satisfaction that is achieved through technology. 


With Virtual Hold Queue, wait times on the line can be significantly reduced for an improved customer experience. Customers can spend their time doing what they want while they are virtually waiting in the queue. Meanwhile, agents in contact centers can save time resolving issues by handling less frustrated customers that are not unhappy with the service level they received, thus avoiding time spent apologizing and resolving customer experience issues on top of requests for which customers called.

Show appreciation for your customer’s valuable time and build customer loyalty through the Virtual Hold feature.

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