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Let Customers Choose
Let Customers Choose

The Callback option enables customers to choose to get called back at a time most convenient for them. This feature lowers customer frustration as well as abandonment rates.


Most people experience increased aggravation when waiting in a queue for longer than five minutes because they spend valuable time contacting a call center that is not available to tend to their requests at the time. 


To boost customer satisfaction, Callback allows customers to receive a callback when agents become available, without waiting in line. In the case of long wait times, you can configure the Callback settings to announce to callers the length of the wait time as well as the choice to receive a callback.

Smart Use of Resources
Smart Use of Resources

By providing a Callback feature, your call center can function effectively by utilizing resources efficiently, such as giving customers callbacks during slower times of the day. With Callback, your callers can leave a voicemail of their purpose for calling to help agents find solutions before even calling the customers back.


Customers can also request a Callback on the company’s website if a callback request option is available. If a caller requests a callback option, the callback will be set as an assignment for the current work shift. Contaqt can update an external CRM with the customer’s request which would create a task for the specific customer.

Enhance customer experience and reduce call abandonment by giving callers the option to receive a Callback.

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