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Increase Pick Up Rates
Increase Pick Up Rates

Dynamic Caller ID is a powerful method of reaching out to customers in a way that is most relevant to them. You can improve customer engagement and pick up rates instantly upon utilizing this feature.


Even if a sales employee is located in another country or state than the caller he is attempting to contact, the Dynamic CallerID empowers him to project a local presence to the caller. Studies have shown that callers that receive calls are more likely to pick up local number calls than calls from a region unknown to them. The Dynamic CallerID is matched to the customer’s state, nearest largest city, or current location.

Local Phone Numbers
Local Phone Numbers

With Contaqt’s large phone number inventory, you can easily acquire local phone numbers in all 50 U.S. states and 89 other countries. You can assign these local phone numbers or Caller IDs based on the location of your customer or a specific campaign. This will increase answer rates and improve sales performance throughout your entire operation.

Empower your team and dramatically boost response rates by projecting a local presence with the Dynamic Caller ID.

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