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Automated Call Transcription

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Save Valuable Time
Save Valuable Time

Automated Call Transcription is an AI-driven feature that reduces costs and saves time by transcribing audio into written form without utilizing a live human. Automated Call Transcription can help transcribe calls with customers in your contact center, placing calls into a searchable form for easy access of words, phrases, and analytical data.


Some industries, such as healthcare, insurance, and fintech organizations, require the use of Automated Call Transcription in accordance with legal regulations. Automated Call Transcription is beneficial for industries with a high volume of calls because it boosts efficiency by eliminating the need of a human to listen to phone calls in order to monitor agent compliance with regulations. Even though Automated Call Transcription is never 100% error-free, it significantly reduces the time spent on listening to audio files through Speech-to-Text technology. 

Secure and Reliable
Secure and Reliable

Supervisors can monitor the quality of calls through Automated Call Transcriptions in real time, highlighting calls with specific words said in the conversations. Automated Call Transcription enables compliance officers and quality managers to monitor phone calls in a playable or written form as well as receive alerts on the use of suspicious keywords and phrases. 


Contaqt offers Automated Conversation Transcription in multiple languages that include but are not limited to: English, Spanish, French, Russian, and Chinese. Through Automated Call Transcription, trends and linguistics can be analyzed to improve efficiency and services for customers, such as customer sales and support.


Contaqt’s Automated Call Transcription keeps both recordings and transcriptions in a secured database according to the customer’s applicable regulations, thus ensuring privacy for both the company and customers.  

Reduce time spent on monitoring conversations with Automated Call Transcription by enabling your supervisors to only listen in when absolutely necessary.

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