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Cut Costs
Cut Costs

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is an essential feature for any contact center to lower operational costs and improve agent productivity. IVR gathers required information of an incoming caller to route the caller to an appropriate route.


To utilize IVR, callers can use their phone touch tone keypads to select a route that fits their needs the most, thus providing a self-service option. These interactions direct and route callers automatically to reduce the number of live operators required to communicate with callers about their purposes for calling.


When a caller makes a call, the IVR answers with a pre-recorded message that offers options from a set menu that a caller can choose from. Services are numbered on the touch tone keypads. For example, pressing number one on the keypad routes the caller to customer support. 

IVR Benefits
IVR Benefits

IVR can perform tasks by accessing information derived from an external data source, such as CRM or company’s customer database, that contains the caller’s account information. The IVR system can then provide a multitude of personalization options depending on the caller’s ID information or the account number entered by the customer.


IVR is available 24/7 for callers which benefits the company public image and enables callers to access services at any time. With a self-service IVR system, callers can receive most of the services without speaking to a live representative.


By providing efficient call routing and reduced wait times for simple caller requests, IVR is crucial to boosting customer satisfaction and reducing costs of labor.

Elevate service levels and reduce costs by empowering callers with self-help through an IVR.

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