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Reduce Mistakes
Reduce Mistakes

Call Scripts are productive sources of information for agents that reduce mistakes and time agents spend rummaging through possible solutions to customer concerns. Call Scripts are a feature of modern call centers and can include vital and mandatory information necessary to deliver effective customer sales and support.


Call Scripts can be customized to include mandatory information derived from the company’s CRM or ERP system based on current status of the customer. Call Scripts provide agents with a knowledge base of what the agent should say, address, or do in any specific scenario with a customer: hence, reducing handling time and forgetfulness of crucial information.


Call Scripts can include the customer’s name, queue wait time, queue name, previous engagements, and any information relevant to the customer that is required to take appropriate actions.

Easy for Customers and Agents
Easy for Customers and Agents

Call Scripts can be based off of customer selections from the IVR menu or phone numbers that the customer dialed to. Call Scripts can also be combined with an external website that holds relevant information for a specific conversation, thus creating multiple tabs in the Call Scripts. Call Scripts can serve another purpose for risk management by providing information related to the location of the call or even the caller ID lookup from external databases.


For smoother sales and support, agents can transfer customers to special departments depending on their purpose for calling with one click options. Call Scripts can also be submitted in an online form that the agents complete and submit to the relevant departments. The easy-to-use Call Scripts improve professionalism of staff due to providing agents with all the knowledge they could possibly need to help a customer as well as reduce training time of agents through displaying solutions that agents do not necessarily need to know prior to answering a phone call.

Promote consistency and reduce customer frustration by giving your agents the tools to quickly find answers for your customers with Call Scripts.

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