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Talking of Today
Talking of Today

The Multichannel Chat module is a messaging application necessary for today’s evolving world of technological innovation. With Multichannel Chat, customers can communicate with your company whenever they want through whichever channel is most convenient for them.


Recent trends show that due to an increasing number of users wishing to communicate with companies through non-voice channels such as Facebook Messenger and SMS, non-voice communication options are a priority for customers. Businesses are expected to provide customers with both voice and non-voice channels as a means of communication. Multichannel Chat provides options for customers to communicate through channels that are most convenient for them, including social media, SMS, and website chat widget.

Contact Center Chat
Contact Center Chat

To boost efficiency and customer satisfaction, agents can easily respond to customers through one click presets for common questions and answers that are derived from keywords entered by the customer. Customers can access Multichannel Chat 24/7 and receive some guidance to their concerns without requiring a live agent. If a live agent is necessary for a specific request, Multichannel Chat can allow customers to book meetings for the following day or shift, which sets work assignments for your employees- keeping them busy.


Multichannel Chat enables call center employees to provide a more efficient and cost-effective way of communication in order to deliver relevant information regarding sales, technical support, or other concerns to the customer in any language. 

Increase your business revenue by utilizing Multichannel Chat to adjust to technological transformation that is convenient for both your customers and your operation.

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