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Perfect for Any Supervisor
Perfect for Any Supervisor

Manage agent and customer activity and track your call center’s performance from anywhere in real time. Real Time Monitoring allows interaction with agent activity to quickly adjust to changing conditions in your call center.


Real Time Monitoring enables you to view live information from your call center activity such as active agents, active channels, number of waiting calls in queues, total time spent with each customer, average call handling time, agent idle time, and many more KPIs. 


You can either eavesdrop on the conversation or whisper to an agent without the caller knowing to provide on the job training or conflict resolution. In cases where an agent requires assistance, the supervisor can barge into a 3-way call with both the agent and the caller.

Manage Your Agents
Manage Your Agents

Easily manage your employees by putting agents on/off breaks, adding/removing agents from queues in real time, and checking in/out agents. Real Time Dashboards also allows supervisors to customize the location of an agent on the dashboard based on current activity and status so they can pay extra attention to specific agents that are performing unusual activity or not complying with company standards. Supervisors can customize colors and sorting based on thresholds that fit your organizational goals.


Depending on what you wish to track and monitor, Real Time Monitoring gives you the ability to filter which agents are displayed based on user groups, queues, and even campaigns. This makes real time monitoring easy because the most relevant information is shown where you need it most.

Easily manage your team while tracking your call center’s activity to quickly resolve issues and optimize business performance

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