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Aim Farther

Go Anywhere

With our cloud phone system, you can easily manage your communications team and customers from anywhere in the world, at any given time. Easily add phones, locations and features to improve service, save resources and meet your changing needs.

Go Global with a Single Click

Expand your customer base with our global number portability services, instant connection of PBX to your digital and social marketing activity and ability to easily access phone numbers in over 80 countries.

Boost Customer Experience

Leverage off our cloud phone system to provide your customers with seamless service, using smart call handling features, responding to queries on your social media channels and ensuring business continuity.

Grow on the Go

Enjoy maximum scalability and flexibility as you evolve. Add and remove any number of phones, locations and features according to your most updated KPIs, knowing our customer support team is at your service, 24/7.

Instant Integration

Contaqt's cloud phone system easily integrates with your existing systems

Zero Hassle, Maximum Performance

Get your cloud phone system working within minutes with no hardware or maintenance costs, and boost service levels and efficiency.

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