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Auto dialer feature
Auto dialer feature

In a modern sales call center, the number one cause for inefficiency is the amount of time spent on agents dialing and waiting for customers to answer their phone calls or worse- reaching customer voicemails. To reduce this inefficiency, call centers can utilize the auto dialer feature.


Contaqt’s auto dialer uses artificial intelligence (AI) to predict the number of simultaneous outbound call attempts that need to be made in order to have all agents on call with customers. The auto dialer can be scheduled based on individual customer time zones and hours of operation of the call center.

Auto dialer engine
Auto dialer engine

Using real time analysis of average call duration and answer rates versus the number of available agents, the number of simultaneous call attempts can be predicted. The auto dialer engine is able to multiply the number of concurrent attempts to reach live answers based on agents available through the boost factor. Supervisors can obtain control over this boost factor to throttle the dialing speed in real time.


The auto dialer automatically dials customers based on advanced predictive algorithms. Not only does the auto dialer transfer live customer calls to the first available agent but it can also distinguish live human pickups from voicemails.


With phone numbers ready to call, the auto dialer provides an efficient method to get all your agents on the phone with customers rather than having agents spend time dialing and waiting.

Let the auto dialer do the dialing.
Let your agents do the talking.

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