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AfricaCom: Contaqt’s Attendance Confirmed




AfricaCom: Contaqt’s Attendance Confirmed

AfricaCom: Contaqt’s Attendance Confirmed

Contaqt will be traveling to AfricaCom in Cape Town to introduce its solution to international delegates and to strengthen business relations.

The place to meet everybody who’s anybody in African telecoms and technology, AfricaCom brings together 15,000 attendees, 450 speakers and 500 exhibitors. Whether your focus is connectivity infrastructure, disruptive technologies, digital services or ICT strategy, this is the place to network, learn and get deals done, according to


AfricaCom allows attendees to connect with new partners, learn about innovative technology, and become recognized for the best solutions and products. 


Dennis Burmistrov, Head of Carrier Relations, will be representing Contaqt in Cape Town to introduce its solution and meet new people in the telecoms industry. 


This year the conference will be held in Cape Town, South Africa on Nov. 13-15. 


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