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CONTAQT Launches Conditional Actions




CONTAQT Launches Conditional Actions

CONTAQT Launches Conditional Actions

Contaqt is launching a new conditional actions feature in June 2019 to improve Contaqt’s platform.

Conditional actions are a crucial feature that every call center needs. When specific conditions are met, you can set your contact center to make a specific action, such as adding or removing a phone number from a particular call list, integrating information about a call into a CRM system, or sending an email to a customer.
If a customer waited in a call queue but hung up due to a long wait time or a busy schedule, Contaqt’s system is able to add the customer to a Callback list in which an agent calls back the customer when the agent becomes available.
“We wanted to make certain no customer is ever abandoned. We improve features to boost our customer satisfaction as well as our customer’s customer satisfaction,” said Isaac Gal, Founder and CEO.

With conditional actions, a customer can also be removed from a Callback list once an agent has contacted him back.

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