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CONTAQT Will Launch New Chat




CONTAQT Will Launch New Chat

CONTAQT Will Launch New Chat

Contaqt is currently testing a chat module that will be launched into production by Fall 2019.

Chat is a way of communicating with your customer through a non-voice interaction. Chat is crucial to create a multichannel experience, boost efficiency, and provide smooth technical support that allows customers to communicate with agents in the most convenient way.
“As more and more people shift to messaging services, we decided to add this module to our platform to improve communication between companies and customers,” said Isaac Gal, CEO and Founder.
Contaqt’s chat module contains a widget that is seen by the customers and a chat panel for the agents. The chat panel helps the agent to navigate through the current and previous chats and queues. The chat module can be accessed through multiple channels such as Facebook, SMS messaging, and email.
Chat reports allow supervisors to monitor agent productivity and plan the workload in real-time or for a selected period of time.

“Staying on top means suiting features to your customers’ needs,” said Gal.

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