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5 Contaqt Features Every Healthcare Company Needs

Healthcare companies need robust contact centers to handle the influx of questions, concerns and scheduling in the medical industry. When it comes to contact center efficiency, the most vital element is the software you are running.

Modern call center software solutions like the one Contaqt provides is comprehensive and has all the features that are needed in the healthcare industry. It is important because it’s not just a matter of customer satisfaction; a proper and efficient contact center could mean the difference between life and death for patients.

What are the things you should be looking for when in contact center software? Contaqt provides all of these features in an easy to use package, ensuring the best call center efficiency and customer experience.

IVR - When it comes to handling volume, the IVR is extremely important. The IVR is software that can understand human voice input and key tones, allowing a client to interact with your computer systems without the need for a live agent. It’s like a personal concierge for each customer.

Healthcare companies deal with a large volume of customer transactions, including:

  • Doctor appointment scheduling

  • Insurance claims

  • Questions on coverage

These questions also may require different departments to handle the concern. An IVR system allows customers and patients to get in touch with your company and be routed to the department they need to get assistance with their concern.

Self-Service IVR - IVRs aren’t just for routing. Our IVR offers many self-service options which can take the load off of your agents, handling customer concerns automatically with no human input.

This includes:

  • Making payments at any time - the IVR can receive input from customers with credit card or Automated Clearing House (ACH) payment information, which is delivered to your billing systems for processing.

  • Secure payment processing - security is important for financial transactions, and the IVR is PCI compliant and encrypted to ensure HIPAA compliance.

Omnichannel Chat

Today’s sophisticated customers don’t just rely on voice calls to get assistance. People are more comfortable using text messages, Facebook Messenger, website chat, and other non-voice channels. Omnichannel chat routes all customer interaction through these channels to one team of agents or even a chat bot, who can respond to each customer through one unified interface.

A customer can ping in a billing inquiry by texting through their phone, and the system picks this up, looks up their billing history and automatically replies with the information to their phone directly. In many cases, a live agent isn’t even needed to handle a concern.

Conditional Routing

Conditional routing is designed to give unique routing to each call in real time. It uses algorithms to analyze each caller in real time and determine from your records and other data on the customer where they need to be routed to. Customer accounts can be scanned before sending a caller to an agent, allowing you to differentiate between different insurance plans and premiums.

The system is also robust enough to give priority to certain customers depending on their profile, allowing you to recognize VIP customers or those who have medical conditions that require a different standard of care, giving them priority in wait time.


The built-in multichannel support allows the use of SMS messages for any interaction with the customers. This helps get information out to customers instantly, and allows you to send messages and reminders automatically.

  • Send text notifications for billing and receipt of payment.

  • Give reminders for doctor’s appointments.

  • Send out prescriptions by text for the patient’s reference.

  • Notify when medical exam results are available.

A lot of healthcare companies are already providing all of these features to their clients today. In order to stay competitive, it’s important that your contact centers have the same features available. Patients and customers already expect this level of service when they get in touch with a healthcare company, so it’s imperative to look into the best solutions available for your business.


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