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Call Center Efficiency Tip: Get an Automated Call Transcription Tool

Call centers are all about productivity and one of the best ways to improve efficiency is through proper analytics. Call center analytics begins with one thing: call transcripts. When it comes to finding trends and insights on the operations floor, there is nothing more important than having transcripts of your customer calls and interactions. And that is where audio transcription software comes in.

Is your call center equipped to do the deep dive? If not, it’s time to take a look at the different contact center solutions available.

Call transcription is well worth your while. It may sound like a small thing but the effects can significantly improve the long-term performance of your center, as well as help managers and leaders in maximizing their team’s morale and efficiency.

Data Mining

  • The first big benefit of call transcription is the potential for data mining. Advances in speech-to-text software and speech analytics allow call centers to quickly transcribe all your calls and identify how your calls are doing against your key performance indicators. Speech analytics can:

  • Group callers by age, gender, location, income, interests and other classifications, helping do proper market segmentation analysis.

  • Identify a customer’s wants and needs, such as whether a customer wants a quick and breezy agent to swiftly handle the call, a more formal conversation, or a little friendly chat. Notify your agent in real time.

  • Identify conversational trends and emotional tone, helping you pinpoint what call types and concerns are problematic, need more attention, and action planning.

  • Find specific words and phrases to see what customers are looking for, what they tend to focus on, and find the root cause of issues that generate calls in the first place.

  • Today’s software is advanced enough to identify a customer’s emotional state based on their choice of words and tone, giving a quick heads up to a supervisor to take over the call when the frontline agent needs an escalation. The early warning could mean the difference between a completely irate caller and one that a supervisor can easily de-escalate, giving huge benefits to your team’s morale.

Helping Your Agents Give Better Service

Further, managing your team of agents starts with providing them with proper coaching and instruction. Traditionally, managers and quality experts painstakingly listen throughout the length of calls all day long so they have the information needed to coach the agent properly. It’s a necessary but time-consuming task.

With automated call transcription tools:

  • It’s easier to find out which agents are engaging in unprofessional behavior and need further coaching.

  • Managers can get an overview of which agents are doing well automatically, without needing to dive into the data themselves. The automated software does it all.

Call transcripts provide the entire call at a glance, greatly cutting down the time managers need to review a call. The smart analytics can even notate and give summaries and insights of the call based on advanced speech algorithms, making it even easier for your managers and quality experts.

In the end, call transcription tools are a way to provide excellent customer service. In today’s competitive business world, excellent customer service is what makes a brand stand out and excel. The key to that is proper analytics.


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