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How to Write the Perfect Call Script for Your Employees

Call scripts are a feature of modern call centers and can include vital and mandatory information necessary to deliver effective customer sales and support.

They provide agents with a knowledge base of what the agent should say, address, or do in any specific scenario with a customer.

But how do you write a call script for your agents and supervisors? Here are the guidelines for developing your own scripts, full of your organization’s information.

Follow an Objective

When writing a call script, keep in mind the need you are trying to address for your customers. It is important to think of every need for which a customer would be calling your contact center.

Once you figure out your objective for a script, consider the feelings attached with the need you are trying to resolve. Customers may ask certain questions first, so think about which order you want to include mandatory information and problem resolution in your script.

Ask Your Team

Your supervisors and agents may know better which customer questions and concerns are called about often. Make certain to check in with them when creating a new call script as they may have useful insight.

The skill set of your supervisors is crucial to writing a call script. Are your supervisors good at listening while reading at the same time without making it sound like they are reading from a script? Keep your script short and simple to make navigating your script easier for supervisors.

Create Friendly Visuals

To make your script easier to follow, include visuals that flow together. Flow charts are a helpful tool to utilize, especially when a conversation with a customer can go in any direction.

Visuals enable your agents and supervisors to naturally speak with a customer while also reading the necessary steps they need to follow.

Words that Benefit Your Company

While building the script, include information with the best words that your agent can use. Incorporating specific words into your script can be a strategy, enabling your company to present itself in the best light.

For better customer service, the script should resemble how you want your employees to speak with your customers. It is also important to keep in mind how your customers are feeling about certain issues they are calling about since some customers may be angry. In this case, employees should know what words to use to calm customers down.

To increase sales, incorporate upselling opportunities. Throughout the script, customers should know exactly what options they have in case they are not happy with their service, want an additional service, or do not own a service that you are selling.

Practice, Practice, Practice

After writing your call script, do not finalize it until the script has been practiced repeatedly. Even if your words are simple and easy to follow to you, your employees may think differently.

Involve supervisors and agents when practicing your script. If your employees cannot understand the words or the flow of your script, you may need to revise your script until it can be perfectly read. Besides practicing your script, allow your supervisors and agents to improvise when needed.

Following the script word for word can cause customer dissatisfaction, especially if a customer can tell when they are being read a script. Practicing the script will help employees remember certain steps, allowing them to use their own words to express mandatory information.


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