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Top 5 Contact Center Features for Banks

Financial institutions have a lot of requirements when it comes to servicing customers. Providing an excellent customer experience often isn’t just a matter of dealing with a customer’s concerns, it’s dealing with them in a fast, efficient and convenient way.

The thing with customer service in the banking industry is you are dealing with your customers’ money. That means that each interaction you have with them is a more emotional one because the customers are, quite literally, invested in the concern.

If you want to provide an excellent customer experience for your banking customers, you need to be agile and fast. An article from shows that 35% of customers will leave a company if the response times are slow. “Slow response times or no response at all are unacceptable in any business. You will lose your customer’s confidence, your credibility – and you may even lose your customer.”

Customers in the banking industry want answers, and they want it fast. A failure to do so results in a loss of credibility and the confidence of your customers. A bank without credibility cannot function because people put their money in banks with trust as a foundation. That’s where contact center software comes in. Modern contact center technology gives a lot of the features banks need to help their clients and give them an excellent experience.

Here are five things you can do with service center technology to really wow your customers.

Self-Service IVR

The self-service IVR allows customers to check their many routine things about their account with no input from the bank. Their account balance, billing status, and even simple service requests like sending out a billing statement can be done through the IVR. It saves time and work hours, leaving your agents free to tackle more concerns that require a human touch.

Conditional Routing

There is nothing more frustrating to a customer than having to wade through an entire web of IVR options to get to the department they need to resolve their concern. This was sadly a reality of life in the 90s and 00s when banking systems grew more complex and voice call technology wasn’t really catching up to the needs.

Today’s call center IVRs, however, are smart enough to recognize a caller just from them calling in. They can also predict which departments callers need to go to. It’s easier than ever for customers to get to the billing department, or to loans, or to whichever part of the bank they need to talk to in order to resolve their concern.


Automated systems are a big money saver, and when using things like the Self-Service IVR, it is now possible for unmanned systems to give detailed information to the caller using text-to-speech capabilities. The system can provide callers with account information, as if they were speaking with a live agent. It can even dial outside numbers and transfer the call to the correct department or even to a third party, with an introduction giving information on the customer’s issue.


Callback features allow a bank to get back to the customer regarding information about loans or help solving issues with payments. If any information is missing, the bank can proactively get the information from the caller, which goes a long way in alleviating a customer’s anger when they call back later and find out the bank couldn’t proceed with the resolution because they were missing some information. The software is intelligent enough to queue up outstanding concerns like this for your agents so they know who to call back.

Call Scripts

When talking with customers, nothing screams confidence more than an agent who delivers information and resolutions smoothly in a polished manner. That kind of expertise comes with experience and veteran agents can handle concerns with that kind of confidence, but the key lies in call scripts which are presented to the agent automatically as the call progresses.

Modern call center technology can detect keywords from the call in real-time and prepare the scripts in advance, giving agents just the information and scripting they need to set the customer at ease. This allows even newer agents to handle calls smoothly.

With the correct software and technology, resolving banking concerns can be easy with confident agents who have all the right answers and a robust support system that customers can use to find answers on their own.The result is a win-win for your bank’s bottom line, your employee’s job satisfaction and most importantly, your customers’ happiness.


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