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Deliver Better Customer Service by Adopting Omnichannel Chat




Deliver Better Customer Service by Adopting Omnichannel Chat


With rising customer service standards each year, an omnichannel program is high on your customers' priority list - and it should be on yours as well.



Did you know that companies with an omnichannel program have 55% greater decrease in the number of customer complaints? It is unsurprising that more and more companies are choosing to adopt an omnichannel program, specifically omnichannel chat. Consumers everywhere are demanding better customer service through a variety of channels they can access to contact support, learn about your company, and get answers to questions they may have. 


Omnichannel chat can provide a multitude of benefits to your contact center as well as attract crucial customers, such as millennials.


Unified Communication

With omnichannel chat, you can prioritize which interactions are received by your agents. This means everyone is connected in one place and you have control over which agent answers to each customer that utilizes chat. The interactions can be distributed based on agent availability, agent skills, and intelligent routing. 


On top of giving you the advantage of choosing your agents for each interaction, omnichannel chat also provides frictionless interactions. With Contaqt’s advanced technology, you can integrate your solutions, such as routing and unified reporting, with your CRM system to have everything in one place in real time. 


Meet the Needs of Millennials 


Due to the continuous development of new technology, it is becoming more of a trend to move to non-voice rather than voice communications. For millennials, non-voice channels are preferred over voice interactions. For this reason alone, omnichannel chat is key to giving your customers the best customer experience. 


Millennials are one of the most demanding audiences for high quality customer service. In order to meet their high standards, your company absolutely needs to provide omnichannel options that they can choose from to contact your agents. Omnichannel chat can do just that. 


Personalize Customer Experience

While utilizing omnichannel chat, you can personalize the chat according to individual customers, providing them with customized variations of answers to their questions. The way in which customers ask questions may correspond with different cultures and ethnicities, thus enabling you to target diverse audiences.


Through personalization, you can make your customers feel prioritized and achieve better customer service to fit their needs. On top of that, agents can respond to customers through one click individualized presets for common questions and answers that are derived from keywords entered by the customer. 


There is a multitude of ways that you can expand the diversity of your customers through omnichannel interactions, chat is simply one of them.


A Convenience Your Customers are Looking For

By offering omnichannel chat to your customers, not only are you providing them with a non-voice interaction but you are also giving them an option that they can choose for their convenience. Many customers nowadays will choose non-voice over voice interactions but what matters is what kind of choices they have for non-voice communication. Email or social media simply do not fit all of their needs, whereas chat does.


Your company may offer frequently asked questions for support, but customers may need further help with some of their requests. For this purpose, omnichannel chat is significant because a chatbot, or an automated messaging service, can give them the answers they are looking for. 


Omnichannel chat is convenient because it is available for your customers 24/7 and can respond to simple, frequently asked requests. Due to this, an agent is not necessarily needed at all times to answer to the customer and customers can then utilize self-service. In many cases, self-service is more suitable for customers that do not wish to interact with a live representative.



Omnichannel chat is extremely important for your call center for various reasons, such as meeting the needs of your customers and providing them with self-service channels they can access. It is encouraged for you to invest your time in offering omnichannel programs - chat being most crucial of them all. With Contaqt’s omnichannel chat, you can effortlessly target your diverse audiences in ways most convenient for them.

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