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Reduce Wait Time in Your Call Center




Reduce Wait Time in Your Call Center


One of the biggest worries of any call center is whether it is running efficiently. Continue reading to make certain you increase efficiency by reducing your wait time.



Efficiency is one of the primary concerns of contact centers worldwide. In fact, efficiency is so important that development in more efficient practices and technology is ongoing. Contaqt’s solution offers various features to help reduce wait time in your call center. The features covered will include IVR, virtual hold queue, callback option, and IVR. Planning the workload is also crucial when determining how to make a contact center run more efficiently.


This document contains information on how you can run your contact center more efficiently through necessary Contaqt features. The features mentioned will help reduce wait time in your call center tremendously. 


Route Automatically


When customers call, the last thing they want to do is wait on the phone for an agent to simply route them to the right department. Not only does it take valuable time out of their day, it takes up your agents’ time that could be utilized for more complex tasks as well.


IVR, an interactive voice system, significantly reduces the time your customers have to wait to be routed to the right agent for their requests. When a customer calls, they no longer have to wait for an agent to pick up the phone and route them to the appropriate department. IVR is available to entirely eliminate the wait time for routing.


With Contaqt, you may use IVR to reduce the wait time in your call center by enabling customers to call and be routed automatically.


A Revolution of Today: Self-service


Today’s customers want access to services whenever they want through whichever channel they want as well as at whatever pace they want. Self-service IVR is a Contaqt feature that allows your customers to access services without the need for a live representative.


Self-service IVR can include a customer’s account balance, tracking orders, billing statements - all of which can be accessed by the customer at any time without the help of a live agent. Self-service IVR reduces the wait time in your call center because self-service IVR is available 24/7, regardless of holidays or hours of operation. 


By providing self-service IVR for your customers, you may also increase agent availability due to the time you save completing simple customer requests that a self-service IVR does automatically and quickly.


Eliminate the Queue Experience


The time customers spend waiting on the phone for an agent to answer to their requests is typically one of the most important factors to address when reducing wait time in your call center. Sometimes customers can wait an extremely long time which can cause frustration as well as an increase in the hang up rate.


To reduce the wait time in your call center, you may utilize Contaqt’s Virtual Hold Queue to completely eliminate the queue experience. With Virtual Hold Queue, customers may call into your contact center and be given the option to be called back once it is their turn in the queue.


Virtual Hold Queue enables customers to go about their day while they are waiting for your agents to call them back. Their place in the queue is set from the moment they call into your contact center. The Virtual Hold Queue allows you to reduce the hang up rate by reducing the time your customers wait to be serviced on the phone.


When Virtual Hold Queue is used, your contact center may receive higher ratings in customer satisfaction through the reduction of wait time.


Call Your Customers Back


Callback offers your customers the option to be called back at a time most convenient for them. If none of the agents are available to answer to a customer’s request, they can call the customer back without having the customer stay on the phone to complete a request.


Giving your customers the option to be called back allows them to not have to wait on the phone for an agent, making the feature help you run a more efficient contact center- without overloading your agents.


In the case of long wait times, Callback settings can be configured to announce the length of the wait time while they are calling to help reduce customer frustration and increase the opportunity to choose the callback option.




When you are trying to reduce the wait time in your contact center, planning the workload is also very important on top of adopting Contaqt’s features. When you successfully plan the workload, your agents are able to work more efficiently and satisfy customers quicker. The features mentioned provide efficient ways to reduce the wait time in your contact center. 


Stay on track of your call volume. Utilize the features that reduce the time your agents need to spend on simple tasks. Plan your workload around how many calls you receive that IVR or self-service IVR cannot address. Stay efficient.

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