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Resolve Issues from the First Call




Resolve Issues from the First Call


Nothing signals low customer loyalty like a low number of calls resolved from the first call. Improve customer loyalty and reduce frustration by equipping these strategies.



It is utterly frustrating for customers to call back your contact center multiple times to resolve an issue. On top of that, when customers have to call back, they are likely to be less satisfied with your services and may even stop using your services all together. To avoid this, Contaqt has multiple features for you to utilize. First call resolution can be improved through smart conditional routing, agent training, CRM integrations, and call scripts.


Do not lose any customers because you do not have the tools to resolve their issues from the first call.


Customizable Conditional Routing


One of the most important things to remember when a customer calls with an issue is that the customer expects to speak to an agent that has the skill set to find a solution. Contaqt’s conditional routing enables you to perform skill-based routing, providing your customers with the support they expect.


Conditional routing can also be personalized based on data derived from your call center systems or other data sources, such as CRM. When a customer calls in with an issue, he may be prioritized depending on the information derived from the customer’s CRM system. By prioritizing certain customers, you may be able to give higher quality service and expertise on resolving an issue so that those customers come back to your support team if they have more questions or concerns. 


The best part is that you can easily manage conditional routing in real time, altering destinations of calls based on time of day or even day of the week.


Improved Agent Training


Before you even begin training your agents to improve their skill sets, you should take some time to learn the strengths and weaknesses of each agent.


Some agents may be better at solving basic problems while others may be better at resolving technical issues. In order to get everyone on the same page, you may perform cross-training, enabling your agents to handle any type of issues, from account related to technical support. By providing agents with cross-training, they will improve their customer support skills by acquiring more knowledge. 

Integrate Your Contact Center with CRM


By integrating your contact center with CRM and Helpdesk systems, you can give your agents access to customer data from one place. 


When agents begin fumbling through endless applications to find specific data, it takes longer for them to focus on customers’ issues. To reduce time agents have to spend looking through various applications and increase the rate at which issues are resolved from the first call, CRM integration helps tremendously. 


With Contaqt, you may integrate some of your favorite applications with your contact center.


Resolution Made Easy: Call Scripts


Give your agents easy to access solutions to customer concerns to ensure faster call resolution while increasing the number of issues resolved from the first call.


For even the least trained agents, call scripts enable the agents to gain knowledge on what to say or address regarding a specific issue. With call scripts, you can include mandatory information for your agents as well as customer’s name, queue wait time, queue name, previous engagements, and any other information relevant to the customer that is required to resolve an issue.


Improve the professionalism of your staff while also resolving issues faster with Contaqt’s call scripts.




With conditional routing, agent training, CRM integrations, and call scripts, you can reduce the frustration your customers feel when calling your contact center and requesting a solution to their issue.


Resolve issues from the first call easily with Contaqt’s powerful platform.

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