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Unload Your Agents and Focus on Customer Experience




Unload Your Agents and Focus on Customer Experience


Too many tasks can overload your agents and result in them providing worse customer service. Decrease the tasks agents have to complete.



Wishing your agents were more productive at your call center? You’re not the only one. Agent productivity is highly valuable and it often depends on how much work your agents are already doing. If there are too many tasks for agents to perform, it is likely that they will be less productive and give worse customer service.


To decrease the amount of work done by agents so they can be more productive, Contaqt designed multiple features that allow agents to spend less time on simple tasks.


Dial Automatically


Auto-dialer is an automatic feature that enables your agents to no longer dial customers manually. Not only is dialing customers manually unproductive but it also dissatisfies your employees. 


When simple tasks are performed by automated features, your agents can enjoy their time working and focus more on the customer experience. Auto-dialer decreases idle time which reflects positively on your contact center and boosts productivity.


Transcribe Audio to Written Format in Minutes


With the help of Speech-to-Text technology, your agents no longer need to listen in to phone calls to manually transcribe them. Automated call transcription allows agents to spend time on more valuable tasks while the AI-driven feature transcribes conversations from any language into written format. 


Save your agents time and stress by enabling automated call transcription.

Utilize an Interactive Voice System


To reduce average handling time and the amount of work done by agents, IVR as well as self-service IVR are both helpful tools.


With IVR, your agents no longer need to answer calls that simply require them to route your customers to the appropriate departments. When an IVR is in place, agents can take more calls and boost your company’s sales and support.


To decrease the amount of work done by agents even further, self-service IVR enables your customers to receive services without the need of a live agent. 


Account balances, transaction details, and more can be answered by a self-service IVR. Even announcements can be voiced through self-service IVR, removing the need for your agents to announce updates every time a customer calls.


By taking out repetitive and uncomplicated work, agents can focus on providing support for technical and complex issues as well as saving costs for your company - all while doing less. 


Text-to-Speech Technology


With Contaqt’s text-to-speech technology, agents no longer need to record audio files of their voices to present to customers for announcements, updates, or prompts. Text-to-speech offers a variety of languages, including both male and female operator voices, to reduce the amount of work agents need to do.


Provide Call Scripts for Quick Solutions


When agents have the ability to look at call scripts instead of rummaging through the system to find solutions to the issues customers are calling about, the amount of work done is greatly reduced.


Call scripts provide your agents with easy-to-access solutions, allowing them to take more calls since calls become shorter due to issues being resolved quicker. Utilizing call scripts is an efficient method to increase your agent productivity while decreasing their stress with less work.



It is important to focus on your employees since they are the workforce of your company. 

By overloading agents with too much work, your company could experience major backlash due to agents quitting their jobs because they are dissatisfied with their work. To keep them happy and focused on the customer experience, Contaqt offers various features to help you reach that goal. 


Decrease the amount of work done by agents and see your overall company satisfaction rise as they become less stressed and are able to provide the best customer experience.

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