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Unforgettable Customer Experience from the First Call

Maintain excellent customer service and sales anywhere in the world with our powerful platform

What We Do

We understand how hard it can be for a company of any size to maintain excellent customer service across all levels.
It is also difficult to find a management solution that meets your needs so that your customer service remains exceptional.
Contaqt’s contact center management solution will transform your customer relations, increase customer satisfaction and sales and reduce costs.
You will forget about tech and will be able to focus on the biggest priorities - your product and customers.
Let Technology Give You the Competitive Edge

Enhance Customer Experience

Provide your customers with seamless service, using smart call handling features 

Reach your Customers via Any Channel

Communicate with you customers by phone, chat or social media through our platform

Boost Sales

Integrate Contaqt with your CRM and never miss any lead

Grow on the Go

Take advantage of maximum scalability and flexibility as your contact center evolves and your needs change

Gain Greater Control over Your Operations

Track, analyze and improve sales and support with custom, scheduled and real-time reports

24/7 All Year Round

Reduce your encounters with contact center downtime through Contaqt’s 24/7 server availability

Increase Business Efficiency

Optimize infrastructure and workload while reducing time and expenses

Forget about Call Quality Issues

Experience the most superior call quality and broadest selection of telephone numbers anywhere in 90 countries worldwide

Is Contaqt Right for You?

Contaqt will perfectly fit any contact center of any industry with its powerful flexibility and scalability.
Explore CONTAQT's Innovative Solution
This advanced feature intelligently routes incoming calls according to the call center's current performance, caller's location and customer information retrieved from the CRM
Automatically dial customers with the use of advanced predictive algorithms to reduce the time your agents spend dialing
Create customized prompts and announcements with self-service IVR to reduce operational costs and boost customer satisfaction
Manage agent and  customer activity and track your call center’s performance from anywhere in real time
Contaqt's brand new chat feature allows customers to easily communicate with agents and resolve any questions or concerns
This automatic feature can help transcribe calls with customers in your contact center without the need of listening into the calls

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Easily set-up your contact center with our software.
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