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Effortless Communication
Effortless Communication

SMS messaging service allows you to send short messages to your customers. It can be integrated with your company’s CRM system and extract phone lists and data of the customers you wish to contact.


The messages can be sent manually by call center agents or managers or they can be generated and sent automatically by the system. Easily send your ads, updates, reminders, verification codes and more, whether it is to one customer or a list of customers. 


There are countless applications for your contact center.

SMS Applications
SMS Applications

Send out information on new products and discounts through SMS messaging. Customers will quickly receive the message and read it on their own time. 


Set conditional actions to provide your customers with the latest information on the balance of their accounts and status of their orders.


Send authorization codes via SMS to verify the logins and passwords of your users.


Set new appointments with customers and remind them about upcoming events via SMS.


If a customer is waiting on the phone and then hangs up, SMS messaging may be utilized to inform the customer that he has been added to the callback list and will be contacted shortly.

Allow for faster communication between your contact center and your customers with SMS messaging.

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