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Personal, Exciting & Consistent Customer Experience

Contaqt's Call Centers promote close and long-lasting customer relationships

Engage and Convert

Provide your agents with all the data and tools required to provide customers with a seamless and personal service and support experience, increasing loyalty and sales rate and driving organizational efficiency.

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Track, Analyze and Improve Service and Support

Empower your team with automatic access to customer data resulting in improved customer engagement and satisfaction levels. Constantly monitor employee performance according to predefined KPIs and real time business insights.

Promote Efficiency

Providing you with a variety of smart features - from conditional routing to virtual hold queue; our call center solutions enable you to not only provide a seamless customer experience, but also optimize existing infrastructure and personnel.

Keep in Motion

With our cloud based call center, you can monitor and manage your operation anywhere, anytime; including automatic access to all data in real time and adding or removing of users and features.

Instant Integration

Contaqt's call centers easily integrate with your existing systems:

Zero Hassle, Maximum Performance

Get your call center working within minutes with no hardware or maintenance costs, and boost service levels and efficiency.

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